Hochschulwettbewerb 2013

Wednesday 04.11.15

From Sofia to Strasbourg - From Turin to Tartu: European Student Parliaments go into a new Round

After the great success of the last European Student Parliaments we are thrilled to open a new round! Again we will be looking to the future with the topic “The Future of the Human Being”. We are looking forward to critical and lively debates at 18 local parliaments planned in 15 countries.

But, before looking ahead, let us reminisce for a while. In 2013-14, the project brought together around 100 scientists and 1,500 students from 16 European countries to discuss their ideas on "The Future of Our City". About 100 students from all over Europe joined the finals in Copenhagen in summer 2014.

Although the students’ concepts and ideas showed their idealism to shape a progressive society, the participants delivered feasible and action-oriented solutions to current global challenges: To tackle the problem of scarce fossil fuels and pollution students suggested car free cities, or as a reaction to the needs of the modern information-dependent society they called for the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots on lamp posts — just to name a few.

In the first half of 2016 students aged 16-19 from all over Europe will have the opportunity to discuss and debate topics such as the human brain, human reproduction and stem cells. Armed with knowledge from preparation materials, students will work in committees to exchange their ideas with one another and with scientific experts. The scientists will provide insight into the current state of research and discuss challenges and possible solutions with the students. After this interactive session students will write resolutions and defend their positions during a parliamentary debate. Finally they will present these resolutions to local policy makers.

We are not only excited to explore fascinating subjects during this round of student parliaments, but are also delighted to welcome old friends as well as new partners. You can look forward to parliaments all over Europe spanning from the Irish city of Cork to the Serbian capital Belgrade. Thus, the final European Parliament in Manchester which will be held in conjunction with ESOF in July 2016 promises to offer not only heated discussion between the delegates on controversial topics, but will also be a truly intercultural experience.

Join us for diverse debates, plenty of politics & exciting exchanges!

Author: Lisa Schulze