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Sofia, Bulgaria: 23-24 January 2016

Credit: Forum Demokrit

The event

The local parliament in Sofia was held from 23-24 January 2016. The final debate was at Sophia Municipality Hall.

Topics & Experts

  • The Human Brain
    Expert: Dr. Irena Dimitrova, trained psychologist and Director of Sofia Municipality Division "Prevention, Integration, Sport and Tourism"
  • Living and eating healthy – but how?
    Expert: Dr. Ivaylo Nikolov, independent science expert, trained at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)
  • The changing reproduction of mankind
    Expert: Dr. Dessi Abadjieva, Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)
  • Stem cells – the potential allrounders?
    Expert: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Miloshev, Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)
  • Augmented human: optimising the human
    Expert: Dr. Milena Georgieva, Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)

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Local Partner

Forum Democrit
Tihomir Stefanov
Nadejda-1, Bl. 138A
BG-1220 Sofia