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Livestream: Final European Student Parliament

Link to view live stream of debate (external link)

Read the press release or view the live stream of the debate on Wednesday 27 July from 09:45 — 16:30.

Welcome to the human world!

The European Student Parliaments on Science are now in their second round.

In 2015/16, local student parliaments are being held across Europe to promote the exchange between scientists and young students.

The overall topic is 'The Future of the Human Being' and current issues such as brain research, stem cells and artificial reproduction will be discussed.

Experts from the respective field of research will support the students in their committees to identify questions and issues at the interface between science and society.

Our topic: the Future of the Human Being

The complex question about the future of humanity has been subject of speculations and science through all times and disciplines. It is not only pure curiosity of what will happen to humankind, but also the practical importance that drives this query: how can we adjust our decisions and practices today to shape a bright and sustainable future? Fundamentally this question remains unanswered, but in a variety of disciplines such as disease research, innovations in human reproduction and studies on new forms of nutrition, scientists keep working on issues and challenges. However, it is our youngsters who will need to undertake any effort to apply these findings and take care of the future. Thus, it is our task to prepare them and to give them opportunities to start thinking about topics which are more relevant nowadays than ever before: 

  • The Human Brain
  • Living and eating healthy - but how?
  • The changing reproduction of mankind
  • Stem cells - the potential allrounders?
  • Exploring the inside
  • Augmented human: optimising the human
  • Imitating nature

More information on the subtopics can be found here.

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