Hochschulwettbewerb 2013



Our team of moderators has a wealth of experience in parliamentary simulations. They will guide the students in their explorations of the topics and help them express their ideas in clear resolutions. The parliamentary debate on the final day will be chaired by the chair of moderators. 

Neda Živanović, Chair of Moderators

My name is Neda Živanović and I am a PhD Candidate in International and European Studies at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. I also work as a freelance consultant in the area of the EU affairs and human rights and education. To me, the EUSP proves that young people are interested in scientific issues and that they can understand and are motivated to debate them. I’m looking forward to seeing many of these debates in Manchester.

Ciara O’Brien, ‘The Human Brain’

I’m Ciara O’Brien and I was born and raised in Cork City in Ireland. Since 2014 I have been concentrating on my PhD in female entrepreneurship at Cork Institute of Technology. I received a Bachelor of Business and Masters in Marketing Practice from Cork Institute of Technology also. My interests include business, politics and science and technology!

Ciara O Connor, ‘Living and eating healthy – but how?’

My name is Ciara O Connor, I work in Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland where I studied Early Years Education, was elected as Vice President Welfare of the Students’ Union for two years and now work with third level students throughout the various campuses. I may not have a background in Science but I love a good parliament and have a keen interest in politics. This is why EUSP excites me as the debates and discussions are incredibly interesting.

Kärt Lehis, ‘Stem cells – the potential allrounders?’

I'm Kärt from Estonia (call me Kat). I'm 25 and just recently received my bachelor's degree in applied biology. I'm also a team leader in a youth program Domus Dorpatensis Academy, which aims to provide students with valuable skills in event organisation and management and knowledge of open society, democracy and economy so they can grow up to be world changers! I love magic in small things and enthusiastic people. I can't wait to meet the students, hear their ideas and be inspired.

Liis Kass, ‘The changing reproduction of mankind’

For the past two years I have been studying Law at the University of Tartu. A soft spot for various student parliaments, organisations, moderating, organising and volunteering has been there a lot longer. I have gained experience from various international and national events as an organiser and a participant and am happy to take part in European Student Parliament as a moderator in Manchester.

Albert Reverendo Mascort, ‘Exploring the inside’

I'm Albert Reverendo from Girona, a city near Barcelona, where I'm currently studying Philosophy and Political Sciences. I'm really excited for the European Student Parliament in Manchester: interesting topics, vibrating ideas and in-depth thought on science and its implications.

Nicolas Cerclé, ‘Augmented human: optimising the human’

During the last year and a half, I’ve been working as scientific mediator for the Università della Svizzera italiana, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Creating a dialogue between science and students is one of the most interesting tasks of my job. EUSP Local Parliaments was therefore one of the most enriching projects I’ve taken part in, and I’m glad to be in the moderator team for the finals.

Lorenz Oberkofler, ‘Imitating nature’

I’m Lorenz from Italy, 22 years old and I'm currently studying Biology at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich, Germany. I'm especially interested in molecular plant sciences and biochemistry. My hobbies are playing the guitar, photography and longboarding. I'm really looking forward to meeting all students and having a great time together.