Hochschulwettbewerb 2013


Final European Student Parliament

Credits: Christof Rieken/WiD

The final parliament

The final European Student Parliament took place in Manchester 25-27 July 2016 conjunction with EuroScience Open Forum 2016 (ESOF). Over three days, around 100 student delegates from all over Europe discussed the topic 'The Future of the Human Being'. The delegates at the final parliament were selected from local parliaments in numerous European cities.


The venues are Salford University and the Council Chamber at Manchester Town Hall. The council chamber offers the students an authentic parliamentary atmosphere for the plenary debate on the final day of the event. Visitors are welcome to attend on Wednesday 27 July. 


During the first two days of the parliament students come together in committees to discuss their ideas in the light of the resolutions adopted in the local parliaments. In expert hearings, they receive support from international scientists who are experts for the committee's topic. They write resolutions about how they think society should respond to scientific developments.

On the third day students debate the resolutions from the committees and vote on the final resolutions. They hand over their resolutions to a policy maker.

Impressions 2016

To get an impression of the Finals in Manchester 2016, check out the pictures on our Facebook page.

Download the resolution booklet.

Watch the video of our final parliament in 2014 in Copenhagen.